More Snow! {Omaha Couple Photographer}

The snow storm from earlier in the week has found its new home.  It’s all cuddled up and is not wanting to go back where it came from… oh well.  We’ll just take more pictures then!

For some reason this park, which is a fairly popular place for photographers to venture, seemed slightly untouched.  Sure there were tracks here and there, and what seemed to be bike tires too, but not as trampled as I had expected.  I was actually quite nervous driving up, hoping that there would still be some fresh snow for use to walk through.

Ryan, Emily & their pup-pup, Chobo, were bundled up and ready to go as we followed my pre-determined path.  As in… I got out 10 minutes before they showed up and ran around freezing my tail off before diving back in the car and blasting the heater.

Once again… stillness… quiet… calm.  I can’t tell you how much I love snow.  And how much I love seeing doggies in the snow… especially when they sniff at something and their nose is covered in powder. (c:

Much Love,

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