Announcing…! {Omaha Photographer}


What is this you might ask?  Well, not THIS… but that little link up there. It just so happens to be my brand new website!  Go click on it and look around… I’ll wait.  It was designed by my friend, Amy Folts, and she did an amazing job being patient with me and all the little things I picked over.

I feel like I am now validated.

But… a new website means I need a fancy head-shot to show who I am to all my lovely new families…

It’s nice to have a sweet husband that will take pictures for you!  Ben and I spun circles in our living room to get the best lighting, no glare on my glasses (the worst!) and to have me not show my cheeseball smile where it looks like my whole face froze in pain.  My upper lip curls under and my eyes start to glaze over… not pretty.  And… my hair looks amazingly red!  
Can I tell you a secret?  I’ve never gotten used to having red hair.  It’s not too much lighter than it was when I was born but there are so many times I will catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or some other shiny, reflective object and just think, “woah… I have red hair!”  One day instead I will be saying, “woah… where did my red hair go?  What is this gray stuff?”  So I think I will make an effort to grasp a hold of my red-headed-ness.  (Side note: I dyed it black once. Worst week of my life… I immediately changed it back to reddish and it took almost a year for my fake red hair to grow out after I tried to put it back.)
All in all; new website, new head-shot, new love for my wonderfully creative husband and a new celebration of my hair color!
Much Love,

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