Baby C {Omaha Newborn Photographer}

My youngest thus far-7 days old!  Baby C was up and down the whole morning.  He fought so hard to fall asleep and when he did it was only for a few moments while I snapped away like crazy.  Any touch or movement of him would jolt him wide awake for a bit.  But… I only had one picture with his eyes open and he was still a really good model. (c:

I just realized this background matches my logo pretty spot on! Sweet! Wait… I mean, that was intentional! (c;
One of my new backdrops.  I love the dots so much!
So calm.  He posed himself most of the time and loved his little hands tucked under his chin!
If you’re looking to do Newborn portraits, which I can’t recommend enough, the first 10 days is the ideal time to book your session!  That’s when they’re so squishy and (normally) sleep the whole time!  Don’t worry Mister C-I’m not mad at you! (c:
Much Love,

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