Miss C {Omaha Boudoir Photographer}

It took some time but I can finally showcase Miss C’s boudoir pictures.  Her husband (you might recognize them from a wedding I did back in December!) is overseas and she wanted to send him something sweet so he can always think of her! (c:

For those of you interested in Boudoir photography you have a couple options.  
-I can come to your home, we can set up in your living room, bedroom or any other part of your house.  This option utilizes your home environment and I do not bring any backdrops.
-You can come to my home.  Here we will set up some backdrops and usually end up with about 3-4 different styles.
-You can sign up for my Boudoir weekend in July!  The dates aren’t set in stone yet, but I plan on getting a gorgeous hotel room that just screams Boudoir!!  If you’re interested let me know as soon as you can!
Whether you have someone to give pictures to or not, Boudoir photography is an amazing thing.  You can celebrate a personal goal achieved or a special occasion with your significant other!  And, if you’re scared or unsure with part of your body there are always tricks and tips to help you end your session feeling amazing!  Email me at samantha[at]lupophotography[dot]com for more information!
Much Love,

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