Miss J&L {Omaha Children Photographer}

Oh Nebraska… you make me smile, and wince, and become best friends with weather.com!  I was checking almost every half hour to find a clear spot in the day between the supposed rain.  The sun came out right when we started and the rest was smoooooooth sailing.

Meet Miss J & Miss L!  These sweet sisters had so many ideas of things they wanted to do it was hard to keep them all straight! (c: They sure were troopers in their cute dresses as we tromped through trails and tall grasses!

We even, briefly, got the family dog in there too!! Thanks girlies! I had fun!  And thanks Mom and Dad for letting me hang with you!

I can’t wait for it be warm for more than a few hours at a time… soon, young padawan, soon… (this is how I get through most days… treat myself like a practicing Jedi!)

Much Love,

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