Norris Family {Omaha Family Photographer}

It’s summertime… can you believe it?!  I love that I can shoot later and later in to the evening without worrying about my light disappearing!

So, this family tonight is one of my newer ones, but definitely one of my faves.  I met the Norris Family when I took their little one’s newborn pics.  The whole time middle brother K kept trying to see what I was doing and smiling at me and mom said that he’s never that open to a new person, so when his 2 year pics came up we got to hang out again!

While this session was dedicated to Mr. K’s 2 year pics we had to get some family pictures in there too!

 Check out how big Little C is in dad’s arms!  Last I saw him he was a week old!

Mr. K loved blowing dandelions with his big Bro J.  I love how his face seems to say, “How the heck did you get that to happen!”
Then on to Mr. K all by himself.  I love his crooked tie and cute hat.  He had a blast chasing me through the grass.

 How can you not love that smile! (c:

 When we were about ready to move on to a new location I caught Big Bro J playing catch and it was just a perfect moment. (c:

I can’t wait for this summer, I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one!  Thanks to all the families that have brought me where I am today and thanks to all the families in the future, I can’t wait to meet you!

Much Love,

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