Little C {Omaha Children Photographer}

Mom and I rescheduled a few times after forgetting to take Little C’s 18 mos pics at the same time as their family pictures.  But after refreshing multiple times we found a window this morning and went with it!

Since it was still cloudy out I asked Mom to bring some rainboots and a jacket.  Who knew that C would be so enthralled with her new apparel that she had to be wearing and carrying them at all times.  Phew! (c:  I was so glad to see her smile and personality come out, she’s been one of my toughies!

 I love all the teeth and her little dimples… She looks just like her big sister in a lot of these!

 Baby thighs are the greatest aren’t they?  She was so excited to be wearing those boots!

 Still rockin the boots that matched her dress!

And some piggy tails!  I can’t help but smile when I see her with her hair all done up!  She’s such a big girl!  It makes me sad to think if she’s this big, then her older brother and sister are even bigger! Waaaah!

Much Love,

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