My Momma got married! {Hastings Wedding Photographer}

So… about a month ago my wonderful mother got married to the perfect man for her.  It was a fun filled weekend and I was so happy to be around my family! They tied the knot at the Courthouse and the next day we were ready to party!
My Mom and new Step-Dad, Dale. This one is my fave!

 We made different kinds of cupcakes to eat and I decorated them (c:

 First Dance… I love their smiles!

 Our newly combined family!

 By the way… don’t Ben and I clean up well!  (c:  We’re smokin!

 My Mom’s sister and brother in law came to town from Seattle.  They hadn’t seen each other in years so it was a good reunion!  This was also the first time for me to meet them other than being a baby.

I’m so happy for my Mother and knows she deserves everything that has been given to her.

Much Love,

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