The importance of picture taking…

Some recent events in my life and those around me have made me realize how important it is to keep all those memories safe.  So today, with it being just past 4 years of Ben and I together and only a few weeks until our wedding anniversary, I spent some time and went through some of my fave memories with my husband… sorry for the photo overload, but you all wanted to get to know me better!  Here we go…
(in no order because I don’t remember all these dates some times!)

One winter Ben and I went “foot-skating” It was one of the most fun nights of just messing around!

 This was taken in my closet… no clue why… but I love seeing Ben’s love for me.

 I made Ben a cake for his 22nd Birthday and he also got a SUPER huge Nerf gun from his brother.

 Of course our engagement pics are really important to us.

 Before getting engagement pictures we would get some taken every year for Christmas at the studio I used to work at.  This was 2009.

 MEET CELLO AND POLO!  Our little orange fluffies are our kids and we definitely treat them as such… but they have united Ben and I in a way nothing else could.  Love them.

Our wedding day!!  The best day of my life so far!

 The day of my mom’s wedding, taken with my iPhone and man… I’m so glad I can take pictures everywhere I go.

 My mom’s wedding reception this summer. Our most recent picture of us.

 Another one from footskating all those years ago!

 4th of July a few years ago!

 Carving Pumpkins for the first time together 2 years ago… we left them on the porch until Spring… /c: oops.

 This may be my favorite picture of us ever.  We were spending the week in Lake of the Ozarks one winter with my dad and brother… but this day was perfect.

 Random picture of us eating breakfast… anyone know what restaurant this is?  I don’t.

 We go to Vala’s pumpkin patch every year and watch the pig races, go through the corn maze, eat turkey legs and grab an apple cider and a huge bag of kettlecorn for the road. I look forward to it every year!

 This is one of the first pictures of us together… it was also the first day Ben met my mom and little brother…  You know how hot it is this summer?  Now pretend that its super sticky too… we were sweating beyond belief.

 Halloween with my Stepbrother and Sister.  I’m a cat… he’s a bro… haha  We made his costume in an hour at Salvation Army.

 Our first trip to Vala’s ever… Ben is also sporting one of my first gifts to him ever… a Halo sweatshirt. 

 We also love to putt-putt.  This was one of our first “real” dates, other than watching movies at each other’s homes.  Ben also proposed at the 18th hole… wait… is this from the day we got engaged?  I’ll have to look that up… /c:

 More traditions… MOVIES!  We go to so many movies that its ridiculous.  Before we became health freaks we would get Sour Patch Kids and Butterfingers at every one.  Now I sneak in granola. 😛

 At a murder mystery party with some of my friends… This was our second one we’ve participated in.

 At my friend Renee’s wedding.  I was her Maid of Honor and Ben was an usher… Also one of his first times spending time in my hometown of Norfolk, Nebraska.

 We found it!! THIS WAS THE FIRST DEBUT OF MY NEW BOYFRIEND BENJAMIN LUPO!  A Fiesta party for some reason or another at my house in college.  4 years ago… man.

 I’m finding we have more and more traditions… GOING TO THE ZOO!  Who doesn’t love this.  We almost always go through the zoo the same way.  There’s even a giraffe that was born there the same day we started dating… we named him Simon and that will be one of our kids names in the future.  We also buy a stuffed animal from every trip to commemorate it.

 Lake of the Ozarks with my dad’s boat.

 First year of getting pics taken at Picture People.

 Second year of pictures at Picture People.

 I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me.  While going through and picking out these images I realized that during my crazy insane day of my computer crashing that I lost quite a few sets of pictures, including our mini-honeymoon in Vegas, that can never be replaced.  Even though we have now agreed to go back and relive it all!  What have we learned here my friends?!  BACK. UP. YOUR. STUFF. THE. END.


Much Love,

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