Mr. D is a year! {Omaha Children Photographer}

D is finally a year!  He was one of my first sessions when I started all this was his 1 month pictures.  I can’t believe its been this long.  I love this kid to death and have dubbed him my “nephew” since his momma is my best friend.  During his birthday party we took a little break from everyone and went outside to play in the grass.  I can’t wait to have a little D of my own!

 We started at the park that morning where D was all business and wouldn’t pay attention to me and only wanted to play.  So I got in his way. (c:  (side note: like his tie shirt?  I got it for him for his birthday.  You can get your own HERE!)
The only way to get him to smile was to throw him in the air. (c: Thanks Dad!
Later that afternoon we had a birthday party with Family and Friends and went outside to smash some cake!
BYE!  What a mess!
This scrunchy face just started a few days ago.  Love!
Much Love,

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