A big announcement…

Not for me… but for one of my best friends, Renee, her husband, Dan, and their 1 year little boy, David, who I’m sure you’ve seen around here a couple times. (c:

Renee and her family are from California and that is far away from Nebraska and they miss their family and friends.  So when they came home for a family wedding (whose preview will be coming up soon!) why not have David’s first birthday party too!  Now… a few months ago I got a special message from Renee… that they had an announcement to make, but couldn’t let anyone know until David’s birthday party… how was I supposed to keep my mouth shut for MONTHS!?  The day finally came and… well… enjoy. (c:

How to announce an addition to your family:

Congrats my friends!  I can’t wait to meet your new little one next Spring!

Much Love,

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