M Family {Omaha Family Photographer}

They’re back!  I love the M family.  Mom and Miss O come in and paint pottery with me all the time and I can’t get over how she says my name… “Saaaaaaam”  *heart melts*

We actually haven’t taken family pictures in a while, we grabbed a quick one during our snow session this last winter, so this kinda threw me for a loop!  I went to my favorite area to shoot downtown and ended up finding a couple new places all within a few blocks of each other! Score! 

Now as you may know, Miss O is a pro at this… almost so pro that she doesn’t pay attention to me anymore. So I have dropped to telling stories while taking pictures, mainly about their other “family member” Morris the cat who you will see pop up here and there on occasion in pictures.  He’s been around since she was a baby as you can see by the lack of fur on his forehead.  In these stories Morris ate all the cookies and got sick, went on a picnic with Hello Kitty and it stormed and went to the zoo to try to teach the lions how to talk.  (I was stretching real hard on that last story!)  Enjoy!

Much Love,

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