So now that I’ve finally hit a year of being in business I needed a moment to reflect.  

WOW! I can’t believe everything that has happened to me in this past year!  I have met so many great and wonderful families and gotten to know some old ones better.  Ben and I have been married for a year, I turned twenty-five (did you know that’s a whole quarter of a century!) my mother got married and Ben and I are saving up for a house!

I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you that have helped me out, supported me and let me hang out with their family!  I couldn’t have made it where I am without you.  I have so many amazing things coming up within the next year (studio anyone!?), along with some changes that I need to make to be able to become 100% supported by my photography.  With my studio I will be able to take pictures year round (take that, SNOW) and also enhance the process of picking out and viewing your images.  We’re hoping that our house hunting, starting at the beginning of 2012, will get us a big enough house to use part of it for business.  I will be slowly introducing more products, info packets, new wedding packages, continuing with my baby plans and potentially introducing portrait packages to give you all a little extra savings!  Of course your opinions matter the most to me so if there’s anything that you want to see, shoot me an email and I’ll see if I can make it happen!  Once again, thank you!

Finally, I just really have to say one last thing… Thank you to my wonderful husband, Benjamin.  He allowed me to derail our life in order to make my dream come true and he even put some of his to the side.  I am so lucky to be in love with such a strong and supporting man.  He pushes me to be greater than I could ever imagine to be and only rolls his eyes a couple times when I keep repeating, “look at this picture! look at this picture! look at this picture!” as I go through my images from each session.  Ben lets me bounce ideas off him and because of that I can support you guys better.  So, please, all give Ben a little thank you too because where there’s a strong woman, there’s a strong man standing right behind her… at least for me.   Now the goal is to get him out shooting with me! *cross fingers*

Much Love,

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