Unruh Wedding {Omaha Wedding Photographer}

Wedding season has started!!  I absolutely love taking weddings, the craziness makes my mind swirl and I sleep so well that night. (c:  This wedding was the first time I got to work with Tommy as my second shooter and I have to say he’ll be around for a while!

Ashley and Keith are an amazing couple, their love story is so sweet and I really enjoy being around them.  Ashley did such a great job planning their wedding, their “meant to bee” theme was lovely and all the details really made it!  Let’s take a look!

 I made mustaches for the boys…

 …and lips for the girls!

 Ashley and Keith did a neat “first look”.  Keith faced away from the aisle and as Ashley approached it he was told to turn around, so they saw each other at the same instant.  It was wonderful.

 They also got married “in the round” which amazingly is super fun and easy to shoot! (c:  Tommy and I enjoyed being able to move all about without fearing being in the way.  Can you play spot the photographer in this one?

 First kiss!!  My view…

 …and Tommy’s view!

 Ashley’s energy kept us going all day.  Love her.

 Their bridal party was awesome!  I love when I have a group of people that don’t look at me like I’m crazy or moan when I ask them to do something off the wall.  They are truly great friends for being so amazing during 90 degree weather in tuxes and long dresses! 

 I loved their “meant to bee” theme and it was translated everywhere!

 Keith even played a song for Ashley before they danced.

 And what the heck!  Why not have your second shooter dance with the Bride!!  I turn around to grab something and found Tommy on the dance floor!  (c:

 We snuck outside for a couple quiet moments for them before the rest of the night got on its way!

Congrats Ashley and Keith.  You two are so amazing and we had a great time spending the day with you!  Hope you’re having a blast in the Bahamas!!!

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