What to Wear-Newborn Edition


I always get the same set of questions from new clients about clothing.  “What do I wear?”  “What colors look good?” “Do you like this?”  So I figured why not just answer them all here for you!  I will be doing different editions as the seasons change.  Since I have a lot of new babies being born this spring I thought I’d start here…


Now you may be thinking, “I thought newborns are mostly naked for their pictures!”  That is so true, but as a new Mom and Dad don’t you want to be in some pictures to?  You gotta look good too!

Mom & Dad & Siblings

If you think about it… babies are known for their light, pale, soft skin.  So having your wardrobe, along with any siblings or other family members, mimic that idea really shows off their newborn glow.  Light neutrals, such as white, gray, tan, or brown can create a soft airy feel, while dark neutrals such as black and navy can have a dramatic artistic feel.  Bold colors and patterns can sometimes distract from the focus of the picture, especially because these little guys and girls are only a few pounds!  Not to say there is no place for bold colors or patterns here, but pair them with something more soft. Here are some great examples of how your clothes can create different feelings for your first family picture!








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