Heather {Omaha Maternity Photogapher}

I took Heather’s Maternity pictures for her first baby a few years ago and was excited for her to announce she was having a second child!  I love the ones with Big Brother Levi.  I can’t wait till the end of the month to see if #2 is a boy or girl!


Chase {Omaha Newborn Photographer}

Chase is the newest little one of one of my greatest friends.  She taught me a lot about being a strong business woman when she was my boss as I got started in the photography world.  I was so excited that she let me take his pictures!  Along with his two older sisters, this guy …


Tessa {Omaha Newborn Photographer}

Little Tessa decided that she needed two sessions to make her debut.  That’s ok, she’s cute and I like snuggling her anyway.  Talk about getting a perfect new family picture for them!?  I love some of the setups that I got in this session, I’m really trying to grab things I wouldn’t normally do and …


Mya {Omaha Child Photographer}

Miss Mya and her family came back to see me after a while and just like her older siblings, she is shy at first and then opens up to you.  Puppy had to make an appearance at first to show her that it was safe.  I love when kids’ toys and stuffed animals are included …


Laura & Billy {Omaha Wedding Photographer}

    I’ve known Laura for a while now, back in my college days, and every time I see her my heart just smiles.  She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known and I have never been around her without laughing endlessly.  Being from a few hours away we had only one day …