Audrey 1 year {Omaha Child Photographer}


When Audrey turned a year we went out to the same park she had her birthday party the week before.  This spot ended up to be by complete accident as my regular spot was overrun by an Omaha Steaks 5k.  I should have hopped in down the way and ran through the finish line to get some of the free stuff they were giving away. (:  It was such a nice day that I laid under a tree while Mom and Audrey had a snack and closed my eyes for a second.

On top of just having an overall sassy attitude once she warmed up Audrey had a super yummy cupcake from Gigi’s Cupcakes.  I got a little taste when she tried to shove a piece in my face.  I wanted to sit down and help her out!

Audrey1yr_012 Audrey1yr_013 Audrey1yr_020 Audrey1yr_031 Audrey1yr_034 Audrey1yr_038 Audrey1yr_041 Audrey1yr_042 Audrey1yr_045

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