Aiko & the Doggie Dip! {Lupo Life}


In an effort to be more involved with everyone I am creating a couple different kinds of blog posts that you can look forward to every week!

Today is all about what happens when I’m not behind the camera.  I love feeling close to my families so I always ask them what their weekend plans are or if anything exciting happened that week, especially with the kids.  I wanna know if there’s a baseball game that their team is going to win because you’re awesome or a dance recital that they’re nervous about so when I see them again I can ask how it went! And I want that same thing with you guys too…

Some of you may already know but a few months ago we adopted a little Aussie Mix puppy at 3 months old and named her Aiko.  She was found roaming around in Oklahoma with another puppy after a tornado this spring.  No one claimed her down there so she was put into rescue through the Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland. Eventually making her way to Lincoln, she was fostered by someone I went to high school with and she reached out to us to let us know that she had two amazing little puppies that needed homes.  Instantly we fell in love with Aiko’s cute face and coloring and had to go meet her.  Ben fell in love instantly and a few weeks later she was ours.  During her time in foster care she made friends with their Husky, Siku and of course the other puppy who eventually was named, Daisy.  Daisy was recently adopted by a family in Omaha and now they occasionally see each other to play.

Aiko is currently the cover image on my Facebook page and means “little loved one” in Japanese and was actually a character of Ben’s from when he played World of Warcraft a long time ago.  She’s currently almost 6 months old and is a huge ball of energy… As I write this she’s destroying a bone after spending 10 minutes of running circles in the studio.

Last night the Nebraska Humane Society put on their first Doggie Dip of the year.  On the last day of some public pools they allow pups and their owners to go swimming together for an evening and we figured, why not?  We didn’t know if Aiko could swim or would even like it since she really wasn’t a huge fan of baths and kind of just tolerated them.  Siku and Daisy showed up too and the three buddies played around the baby pool for a bit.

Eventually Ben and I got Aiko into the pool and her instincts took over and she was off… to the closest edge of the pool so she could get out.  Fail.  We kept trying and trying and got her to swim from edge to edge with us for a bit.  I don’t think she’ll be a swimmer for fun, but at least we know she can do it. That’s a win for me.

dogdip1 dogdip2

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