Jonah 1 year {Omaha Family Photographer}


Jonah is the perfect example of a baby that changes a lot from when I first meet them to their first birthday.  He was born with thick, crazy, dark brown hair… by his 6 month session he had thin, light, blonde hair on the top and sides and at his 1 year session it was thick, long, blonde hair!

This little dude has one of the greatest smiles don’t you think?!  I love all his teeth!

Jonah1yr_003 Jonah1yr_006 Jonah1yr_013 Jonah1yr_019 Jonah1yr_021bw Jonah1yr_025 Jonah1yr_029 Jonah1yr_040bw Jonah1yr_046bw

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  1. Andrea Ellison says:

    Our grandson is the most beautiful little boy with an awesome smile and in your photos you truly capture all of his charm and for that we thank you!!