• Lila Newborn {Omaha Newborn Photographer}

    Lila came in all ready for her session with lots of loving blankets made for her from friends and family.  Items like these make their images so much more special. She was a little fussy, and woke for a quick second… only to yawn and fall back asleep.  Such a gorgeous little girl!

  • Teeter Family {Omaha Family Photographer}

    Sometimes I just find a group of kiddos that make my job so easy.  These three girls were a breeze and lots of fun.  By the end the littlest was holding my hand and telling me we were friends.  Best. Ever. Also… I love sunset sessions!  The light is so wonderful!  

  • Glow Run 5K {Lupo Life}

    After doing this blog set for a while it looks as though I have all these amazing things planned each weekend.  That, or I just like to keep myself busy. I’ve never been a “runner”.  During high school I was on the track team, but for sprints.  The farthest I had to race was 200meters …

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