• Larson Family {Omaha Family Photographer}

    The Larson Family was so much fun!  These boys were definitely rowdy little dudes, but that almost makes it more fun, right? Just look at those muscles!  I love families that fall into the greatest poses and have laughing faces instead of “cheese” ones.  And of course, Mom and Dad needed a picture alone too!

  • Hudson 6mos {Omaha Children Photographer}

    More little 6monthers! Hudson hung out in the studio with his older twin sisters and Mom and Dad.  With this little frog prince it only seemed natural to have a couple princesses hop in!

  • Audrey 6mos {Omaha Children Photographer}

    This last year I had a lot of newbies born within a couple months so they’re starting to come back to see me again!  Audrey was all about dressing up with me.

  • Jonah 6mos {Omaha Children Photographer}

    It’s always fun to see my little newborns come back at 6 mos. Normally I can instantly see their little faces in my head… but sometimes they come back looking completely different! Jonah lost all his long spikey dark hair and showed up looking like a little man!