• Chicago {Lupo Life}

    It’s been a week since Ben and I made it home from our mini trip to Chicago.  It was to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and because… we can. It’s nice to say, “Let’s go on a trip because we’re able to.” I’m sure those trips will be fewer and far between when we have …

  • What to Wear 005

    Who said black and white was boring? Would love this setup in an urban setting!

  • Edwin {Omaha Newborn Photographer}

    When Edwin was born he already had a big brother and sister… furry doggy ones. (:  From day one he’s had so much love and seeing him with Mom and Dad you can tell.

  • Cousins! {Omaha Child Photographer}

    I love when big families get together and I can see the cousins play.  These girlies and one lonely little boy are all the greatest of friends!